Welcome to PeWe-Verlag

We are a publishing-house for scientific literature focussing our efforts on the archaeology and cultures of the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt.

By and by, however, we aim to include in our programme publications from other disciplines as well. Authors and editors are invited to contact us so that we may realize their projects together.

In addition to publishing we also offer services in the fields of book-design and pre-press.

Books in preparation:

4P-4: K. Radner, F.J. Kreppner, A. Squitieri (eds.), The Dinka Settlement Complex 2018. Continuing the excavations at Qalat-i Dinka and the Lower Town

BBVO 28: J. Klinger/S. Fischer (Hrsg.), Keilschriftliche Syllabare. Zur Methodik ihrer Erstellung.

BBVO 29: E. Cancik-Kirschbaum/J.C. Johnson (eds.), Encoding metalinguistic awareness: ancient Mesopotamia and beyond


By the way: the dromedary in the logo is taken from a medieval manuscript and stands for our special relation to the cultures of the Ancient Near East.